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Warm & Cold - Horizont Magazine
Capture One & Apple M1 Graphic Campaign
Samsung Cz & Sk Graphic Campaigns
Naomi Adachi & Jan Kairon Loucký
Garden of Joy / Horizon Magazine May 2021
L´Oreal Paris Graphic campaign
Vogue Italia Photographer Portfolio
International Photography Awards
Space Oddity / Marika Magazine August Issue 2020
Ristil for Gossip Models Denmark
First Magazine Men´s Editorial / SS 2021
Country Girl / The Eye Magazine November 2020 Issue
One More Sunset / Elegant Magazine June Issue 2021
The Doppelgänger / Elegant Magazine September Issue 2020
Lagrima de Oro / Like a Lion Magazine March Issue 2021
Oh Boy Oh Brother
Bohiro Lookbook 2020
Shutter Drag